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Inside this book, you'll find:

- The history of the Adeptus Mechanicus from their origins before the union of Mars and Terra to the galaxy-spanning network of forge worlds they now maintain
- A detailed description of the military organisation and iconography of the Cult Mechanicus
- An Adeptus Mechanicus bestiary with background details for every unit and Character featured
- A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures
- Rules for units that are only available to the armies of the Adeptus Mechanicus – including 30 datasheets
- Stratagems, Relics, and optional secondary objectives that define the ways that the Cult Mechanicus wages war
- Bespoke Crusade rules providing new Agendas, Requisitions, Battle Traits, Honorifics, and Crusade Relics that are unique to the Adeptus Mechanicus
- And more!

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