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Dominion – ECS Lucky Draw


Dominion – Lucky Draw

The first 30 customers who quickly order Dominion before June 20, 2021 will get a code number. For each box that you ordered (deposited), you will immediately get 01 code. ( 1 box = 1 code, 2 boxes = 2 codes, 3 boxes = 3 codes etc..., the more you buy, the higher winning rate you get )

Format: The Lucky Draw will be livestream on Empire Capital HQ page after the first batch arrives. There will be an announcement before the prize draw time for everyone to follow.



🎁  Prize:

👉 01 Special Prize: A set of 10 Citadel paints (12ml) worth up to 1,100,000đ

👉 02 Second Prize: Event Voucher 500,000đ.

👉 05 Third Prize: Event Voucher 200,000đ.

🔥 The total prize value is more than 3,000,000đ

Conditions of using voucher, please refer to: link.

⚠️  NOTE:

  • We only Draw if there are at least 20 participants.
  • The code is only valid if you has made a deposit and NOT canceled your order.
  • For customers who have ordered before the announcement, ECS will actively contact and send the code number to you.
  • If you have any questions, please contact ECS fanpage or call 0938997745 for dedicated advice ^^

Surely, this will be the most highlight product this year. And remember just like Indomitus, Dominion only available one batch, and it won't be able to stock anymore.


Take your chance now !


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