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Nationwide Delivery - Fast, Convenient & Safe

📣📣 If you would like your orders to be delivered, please contact us! laugh

🔺 You could see "ECS SHIPPING SERVICES" below. 

☑️  NOTE: 

  • ECS will notify you when the Orders have left the shop and when they arrives at their shipping destination. Please check your phone to stay updated during the process.
  • In case your Orders have arrived but are not picked up under any circustances, the Orders will then be returned to ECS. ECS will notify you to rearrange shipping. Under such circumstance, you are required to handle shipping fee regardless of Order's value.
  • Once you have received the Orders, please notify us. If we do not receive any notifications, the Orders will be deemed as delivered and transactions have been completed. ECS will no longer be responsible after this point.