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1️⃣ To place an Order, please contact us via:

2️⃣ For first-time customers, please provide us the following information to create a customer account: 

  • Full Name.
  • Gender.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Contact Number.
  • Delivery Address.
  • Email (optional).
  • Company (optional).

3️⃣ Please provide the full name and quantity of the products [or any associate links if available] to place the Order. 

4️⃣ After the Order has been generated, ECS will inform you for your confirmation.

💥💥 Note: 

⭕️ The price of Magic Singles will be calculated according to: the value of the card + 20% shipping cost.

⭕️ ECS only accepts orders worth $ 10 or more.

5️⃣  Once the Order has been confirmed, please pay 50% of the order value in advance. Here are our payment methods:

  • Cash.
  • Debit/Credit Cards.

  • Bank-wiring. We currently have accounts at Vietcombank (VCB) and Sacombank (SCB). 


1️⃣  Pick-up Methods:

  • Direct Pick-up at Empire Capital Shop.

  • Contact our staffs to arrange the delivery. Please review "ECS DELIVERY POLICY" here:

2️⃣  Pick-up Timespan:

🔸 ECS will finalize orders on the 15th of every month.

🔸 Estimate time of shipment arrvial will be 2-3 weeks.

🔸 Once the shipment has arrived at ECS, our staffs will notify you via Facebook or Phone within 1-2 days.

🔸 You have 2 week to pick up the Orders. Under unforseen circumstances which prevent you to do so, please notify us ahead of time. If Orders are not picked up after 2 week from the arrival, your Orders will be cancelled and any corresponding deposits will be void. 

💌 If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook Empire Capital Shop or Hotline. Thank you! kiss