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🎉Empire Capital Shop is proud to be the only official retailer for Magic: the Gathering in all of Vietnam. With super competitive prices, officially sanctioned events and great customer service/after-sale policies, ECS is the best destination for those pursuing this great TCG. 👏🤩

💥 In addition, for those who are looking to learn Magic, ECS has the following promotions in store:

👉 You will be taught how to play free of charge.
👉 We will open Magic international account (DCI accounts) on your behalf.
👉 ECS will provide experimental decks for your trial with all colors available.

💥 If you are a member of Vietnam Magic Club [Link: ] and share your experience for Magic at the shop [with pictures and #ECSMagic] you will be granted an additional promotion:

👉 01 Free Welcome Deck [30 cards mono color].
👉 10% off all Magic products on the purchase you made in your first visit!!!

💥 Special: If you are able to win store employees with either Experimental Decks or Welcome Deck, you will be awarded one Promo card with a change to win a very valuable card that costs up to hundreds of dollars (US)!

📌 The promotion will apply to all days at all ECS stores!

🔖 Magic: the Gathering (MTG), is created and developed by Wizard of the Coast, debut in 1993 is the father of all modern Trading Card Game (TCG). Magic is also the most popular TCG with more than 35 million players worldwide and a prize pool of $10,000,000 (~ 230 billion VND) [According to Business Insider]. All Magic players are called Planeswalkers. Are you ready to become a true Planewalker and bring home billions in prize money?!