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1️⃣ Services Provide:

🔸 Rental of Numbered Lockers at Empire Capital Shop(s).


🔸 Service Fees:

👉 On 01/01/2020, ECS will apply Locker Fees for Tan Binh headquarters and D2 branch .

🎁 Customer rent locker in 1/2020 will be discounted 30% out of the total bill for renting the locker(s).



2️⃣ Return-Lockers Policy when the contract expired:

🔸 All who have rented a locker at ECS, please note that:

  • ECS will announce the contract expired before 15 days and will recall the locker when the contract expired.
  • The owners clear out your locker and return the keys to ECS within the time limit (the contract termination date).
  • If you want to continue renting a locker, you will come to ECS to sign the next contract. 

🔸 If you are unable to clear your locker within the limited time, please inform us early for further support.

🔸 Lockers fail to clear by the limited time will be cleared by ECS. Please note we will not be responsible for damages due to this process.

🔸 Those who failed to return lockers keys will be fined according to the previous agreement.

🔸 We can help move troops from your own locker to the new one for the next contract.

👉 Move troops within a store:

- For standard Lockers are 1,000 RPs / time.

- For upgraded Lockers are 2,000 RPs / time.

👉 Move troops from Tan Binh District to District 2 or District 2 to Tan Binh District:

- ECS will support shipping with the cost of 50,000 VND for 1 time (1 carton: length 30cm x width 24cm x height 24cm).

- Or customers can choose Grab Delivery Express at a price of 80,000 VND - 100,000 VND.

💥💥 Note: Customers will pack your troops in the carton, ECS will only support shiping and we will not be responsible for damages due to this process.


3️⃣ General term:

🔸 Lockers Rental Agreements are valid for exactly this year and are nonrefundable. Leasing will be reset every year.

🔸 The priority for renting the locker is as follow:

- 1: Winner of tournaments or events organized by ECS.

- 2: Customers Captain Status (VVIP).

- 3: Customer Lieutenant Status (VIP).

- 4: Customers have total RPs from high to low, ...

🔸 The Lockers provide basic level of security for the convenience of the renters. Empire Capital shop will not be responsible for the contents stored in lockers, including any loss or damages. Renter should only put Warhammer or related products purchased at Empire Capital Shop in the lockers.

🔸 Permanent alternations to the lockers are prohibited.

🔸 Keep the lockers clean at all time.

🔸 Renter will be provided with a copy of the key. It is renters’responsibility to maintain and keep the key at all time. In case of loss or damage, a compensation fee of 200.000 VND (two hundred thousand Viet Nam Dong) will be charged before all contents can be removed.

🔸 All back-up keys are solely used for emergency only. If renters/non-renters are in need of the back-up keys, a 100 points deduction will be made each time the keys are handed out. Key borrowers hold the same responsibilities as renters in this Locker Rental Agreement Form.

🔸 All none- lockers renters must request permission from the renter and inform to the shop staffs before any contents can be removed.

🔸Chemicals and other flammable/explosive items are not allowed to put in lockers. 

🔸Locker can be upgraded upon request from Lockers' owners. Please contact ECS staffs for latest quotes.

🔸 If you finishes the contract earlier than the signed time, ECS will not refund the money.

💎 Empire Capital Shop hold the rights to open and inspect any lockers at anytime to ensure compliance with Renters’ responsibilities listed. If Renters intentionally breach the terms listed, ECS hold the right to terminate their leasing privileges. All contents will have to be removed within one week upon noticied and points are nonrefundable.