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1️⃣ How to get RPs?

- Customer will get RPs points when:

✅ Purchase products at ECS [applied for all ECS’s products]

  • Conversion: 1 RPs = 1,000 VNĐ
  • Ex: If you buy a brush 150,000 VNĐ => You will get 150 RPs.

 Participate in our official tournaments and win prizes with the reward of RPs. 


2️⃣ How can I check my RPs?

- RPs will be updated regularly and saved in the customer accounts at ECS. If you want to know your RPs, please contact our staffs at the counter.


3️⃣ What are the RPs used for?

⚜️ Participate in our events/tournaments: To participate in our tournaments or events, you need to have a certain amount of RPs depending on the requirement of the tournaments/events that you want to take part in.

⚜️ Rent armies in the display cabinet at ECS:

  • ECS has provided some basic armies with a certain number to support customers. When you need to hire armies in the display cabinet, please contact us for assistance.
  • There are two forms of payment for the renting armies fee: Cash/RPs.
  • Armies Renting Fees: 1 Army Point = 1 RPs = 100 VNĐ. Ex: You hire 500 pts of armies to play a match, the Renting Fees would be 500 pts [pay in RPs] or = 50,000 VNĐ [pay in cash].
  • Please note: If the leased miniatures suffer any damages (including but not limited to: broken, bend, missing parts) during use, customers will have to compensate 100% current market price. Please check the quality before usage. 

⚜️ Rent items at the counter:

  • ECS has provided some necessary items for customers to use. If you would like to rent some items, please contact our staffs at the counter. 

  • See the Items Renting Fees below: 

💥💥 After borrowing the shop's items, if you do not return said item to the counter, you will be deduct 500 RPs/ 1 item. (the time counted will be from the point of lent to the point of returned, within the same day)

⚜️ Rent personal lockers at ECS:

  • ECS has provided a certain number of lockers at our shop to help customers store and preserve their armies, which limits the inconvenience as well as risks in transporting armies in far distance. However, because the number of lockers is limited, ECS will reset the locker system once a year and customers can contact us to rent lockers. 

⚜️ Use "ECS CUSTOMERS SUPPORT SERVICES". You could see the detailed information here:

⚜️ Purchase  Privileges Packages: 

✅ Starting 1/2/2019, our privileges and reward point system will have the following changes:

💎 Privileges will no longer be awarded automatically but will need to be purchased using reward points.

💎 There are multiple privileges packages avaible for purchase as follow:

  • Captain Status (VVIP)/year – 100,000 RPs – 10% off all ECS products within time limit.
  • Lieutenant Status (VIP)/year – 50,000 RPs – 5% off all ECS products within time limit.

✅ Please note: The customers who are enjoying the Lieutenant Status and Captain Status will be granted such status FREE OF CHARGE for 2019. This means you will not have to spend any points to maintain your status and can use it for other things offered at ECS.

⚜️ Especially, when you have 10,000 RPs, you will be given 1 voucher valued 300,000 VNĐ on your birthday! wink 



- Each customer will have a customer account and you can only use your account when purchasing. In case ECS find out any customers sharing their accounts with another one, the Punish Policy will be applied:

❌ 1st violation: Warning.

❌ 2nd Violation: Subtract 50% RPs in the account.

 3rd Violation: Reset the account [RPs will return back to 0].


🌐 If you have any questions, please contact us via FB Empire Capital Shop or Hotline. Thanks! kiss