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📦📦 In the case that you want to exchange or return products that you have purchased from ECS, please see the procedure here: 

💎 Please contact us to inform the detailed status of products that you have bought and tell us your problem.

💎 In order to exchange or return products, please bring the products that you want to exchange or return to ECS’s store.  

💎 We will check the products and your purchase invoice.

💎 In the case that your purchased products are lack of parts in a box, damaged or defective, we will exchange another one for you or accept the return and refund for you.

💥 NOTE: Please check your products carefully as soon as you receive your orders. In the case you find out that your products are damaged/defective/lack of parts in the box,….. please contact us right away to inform and you could require to exchange or return your products if necessary. ECS will only accept to exchange or return products within 1 week from the time we make out the invoice for your order [it means that your order is completed]. The products that you want to exchange or return have to have not been used.