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💥 Warhammer is a tabletop miniature board game.

🔥🔥🔥 Warhammer is from UK. It has 2 different schools: Warhammer Fantasy [first appeared in 1983 and now becomes Warhammer Age of Sigmar] and Rogue Trader [first appeared in 1987 and now becomes Warhammer 40K]

⭕ After more than 30 years of development, Warhammer has attracted huge fans over the world.

💣 While playing Warhammer, in addition to Collect your favorite models, you can also Build your miniatures. Then, you can Paint your miniatures according to your preferences or any color tone you like. Note that colors  🎨 also have the important effect on the features. At last but not least, the most special thing of Warhammer is the antagonistic feature in the battlefield: PLAY. The player, after go over Collect – Build and Paint phase, can bring their miniatures on the battlefield, play the role of a powerful captain and lead their army to the victory by defeating enemies in many intense battles!!! 👊👊👊

❣️ To find out more about Collect - Build - Paint and Play Warhammer, Let’s go to Empire Capital Shop for more advice! Many interesting and attractive things is waiting for you! 😉

💟 Especially, for the first time you come to ECS, you will be given 1 free miniature as a present. You will also be instructed how to play and paint for free. So let’s come and experience from now! We highly welcome you! 🤗

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