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🎨🎨🎨​ DA REZ WINTA’ 🎨🎨🎨 

✨ To welcome the upcoming Christmas season, ECS proudly present a painting competition like no other for everyone whom enjoy the colorful part of the hobby – “Da Rez Winta”.

❣️ Who can participate?

✅ All of our dear customers.

✅ You like to paint and own a GW or Forgeworld model base size from 60mm downward.

✅ You must complete your model and bring to ECS Tân Bình to put on display before 15/12/2019. You’re also required to take a picture of your entry model and send to us. The picture will be used in the online voting process.


❣️ What you need to know:

🏡 Location: 16 Quách Văn Tuấn, ward 12, Tân Bình district, HCM city.

⏱ Time:

🔸 Time to complete your model: 1 month (15/11 -15/12)

🔸 Time to vote: 16/12-24/12.

💰 Entry fee: free.

📌 Please register at:


📜 Term and condition:

✅ Every participant is limited to 01 entry.

✅ You’ll paint your model in Christmas theme (which must include 3 color of green, red and white). The model’s base must be equal or smaller than 60mm. The model must be of GW or Forgeworld origin (LoTR, Exclusive are all permited).

✅ Contest models have a height not exceeding 30cm.

✅ You’re encouraged to kit-bash/modify your model in a Christmas theme.

✅ ECS will put your model on display from 16-24/12 for all visiting customer to vote. ECS will also create an online album for the online voting process. The online voting will be based on the number of like and share of the picture of the entry:

            🔸 Each like and share online count as 01 point (a person can vote for multiple entry).

            🔸 Direct voting at the shop will count as 05 points.

            🔸 In case of a tie, the organizer will vote to determine the winner.

✅Ranking will be based on the point an entry have at the end of the voting process.


🏆 Prize:

🥇 1st place: 01 Da Red Gobbo + 01 voucher 20% (Max discount 1,000,000 VNĐ) + 01 free locker for 2020.

🥈 2nd place: 01 voucher 10% (Max discount 750,000 VNĐ) + 01 free locker 2020.

🥉 3rd place: 01 voucher 5% (Max discount 500,000 VNĐ) + 01 free locker 2020.


👉 Dear painters, no matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie that have just taken your first step into the hobby, if you follow the Dark Gods or the light of the Emperor, or just a person with interest in the hobby, prepare your brushes and paints to conquer Da Rez Winta and claim glory for yourself.

👉 If you have any question about this event, do not hesitate and contact us today, we’re more than happy to answer.