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* The price of Storm of Sigmar:
Storm of Sigmar is the cheapest option for you if you want to experience AOS. In this set, you will get Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound troops. You can save 600,000 VND in comparison to buying each faction separately because it would cost 700,000 VND for each faction and the total for this would be 1,400,000 VND. Despite the large of money that you can save, it is important to note that miniatures in this set do not have some custom accessories for miniatures as when you buy the box retailed. 

*Miniature included in this set:
- 5 Stormcast Eternals miniatures:  2 Retributors; 3 Liberators
- 8 Khorne Bloodbound miniatures (also called Blades of Khorne): 3 Blood Warriors; 5 Blood Reavers

*Point of two factions in this set:
- Stormcast: 148 pts
- Khorne Bloodbound: 95 pts

*The benefits of this set:
- There are rules for the game as well as troops in this box
- It helps you to understand the plot
- Easy to build because miniatures are snap-fit (like building gunpla)

*The disadvantages of this set:
- Low cost means that the troops in this set is not enough for other games. This will make it hard to use these miniatures on larger matches later. 
- The strength of two factions in this set is quite disproportionate
-  You should buy more paints because the paint set for the Storm of Sigmar set do not have enough paints for you to use for the long time. 

*Conclusion on Storm of Sigmar:
- If you would like to play a small AOS game, this set would be a good choice for you because it has everything to help you start a game. 
- If you are serious about playing AOS then you should consider the other AOS Starter Set


- Review by Khoa Anh Nguyen

*This product is available at Empire Capital Shop

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